About Parus Skin Care & Aesthetics

Love The Way You Look!

There is a saying that beauty is skin deep, and most beauticians focus on the surface of your skin and makeup. But we don’t just improve the look of your skin but the life of your skin with the most advanced treatment available, called Intensive Pulse Light.

This will help you rejuvenate your skin at its core to its healthiest and most beautiful condition.

We have started with hair removal, and many more like skin rejuvenation, spider veins removal , rosacea and so on are being gradually introduced.

All our treatments are administered by a trained and certified professional, and approved by respective governing bodies.

You could call in, phone us or make an online appointment. We will guide you through the whole process step by step. Before you receive the treatment, a patch test is done at least forty-eight hours earlier. And consultation form needs to be filled in.